June 2, 2020


Top Business Intelligence Tools in 2020

Choosing a business intelligence tool can be a daunting task.

Not just because of the riches of tools available in the market, but many have significant differences that are important to understand before making a significant investment.

The Top 5 According to Xplenty:

1. Birst

Birst is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform. Its network analytics approach integrates an enterprise's scattered data into a shared container. An intuitive interface enables the collection of data from various outside sources. Easy-to-use tools enable the creation of charts, dashboards, and high definition reports. Birst offers predictive applications, automated data refinement, and drag and drop projections. Users include enterprises of all sizes, in diverse industries. Primary users are companies that need to connect decentralized units with networked data.

2. Izenda

Izenda is a modern and lightweight BI platform purpose-built for native embedding that enables real-time data exploration and report creation. Deployed on-premise, cloud, or in hybrid environments, Izenda can run on user infrastructure and utilize an application's existing security. It's built on a micro-service architecture with an open-source front end that enables integration with Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, PHP, and other applications. A GUI-based administrative interface allows system and tenant administration and copy management for code-free deployment and administration. Izenda connects to the most popular databases through a direct connection string and can leverage data from virtually any web-service such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, and more.

3. Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is a self-service, business intelligence analytics platform designed for Microsoft Excel. It collects data from other sources and imports it into Excel. It adds Excel features and provides direct access to data using a dynamic query builder. Excel novices can build queries and reports using browser drag and drop features. A central warehouse houses spreadsheets and visualizations, making them easy to share. Owners control who can view them and who has authorization to make edits. Users are enterprises in diverse industries and range from small to large businesses.

4. ClicData

ClicData is a cloud-based data analytics and business intelligence platform. It cleans and transforms data from various data sources using ClicData’s ETL software. Drag and drop tools create dashboards, visualizations, and reports. Collaboration via emailed Live Link or attached PDF allows for shared dashboards. The owners set permissions which protects data. Users are primarily small to mid-size enterprises in diverse industries.

5. Domo

Domo is a self-service, cloud-based, business intelligence platform. It integrates data sources and prepares data for analysis. It then delivers insights, enables collaboration, and provides predictive analytics. Domo’s drag and drop integration and transformation features produce real-time visualizations. To customize both visualizations and pre-built dashboards, technical expertise isn't needed. Users are enterprises in diverse industries and range from small to large businesses.

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